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I'm here for YOU!

My Commitment to You

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For over a decade, I have devoted my time and energy to the kids, teachers, and parents of CPS.  My years of experience​ serving as a parent volunteer includes advocacy for families and school communities navigating everyday challenges, policies, and an historic pandemic.  I am proud of the transparency and communication I have been able to provide while serving in Hickman and Ridgeway PTSA officer roles since 2010​.  As my youngest son prepares to graduate, I am excited to bring my experiences and skills to the Board.  With my 14 years of experience as a committed volunteer, I am eager to serve families from across Columbia.  I know  CPS can be the best school district in the state.

Working toward that goal, these are my areas of focus:

  • Improving student achievement

  • Creating a top-notch working and learning environment 

  • Optimizing​ the use of resources, both financial and human


I also believe honesty, transparency, and ethics are intertwined and must be the center of our work in the district to reach these goals.  We can be honest and direct in sharing accurate information without being cruel. We can be transparent without fear, omission or evasion.  And we can be ethical by going beyond minimal requirement to fully address needs.  We owe it to the families and students of this district to approach all efforts with these three guiding values.  I am excited about the opportunity to continue my efforts in a Board role to support our excellent schools and create the best district in the state.


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April Ferrao 4 CPS
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